We are the best; there are no more like the Class of '64! 


The Harding 64 Reunion Newsletter

August 2, 2004

WOW!!  What a great time was had by all.  The 40th Reunion of the Class of 64 was a smashing success.   To all who were able to make the festivities and to all who could not, we want to share a bit of the excitement and the just plain great fun that stretched from Friday afternoon into the small hours of Saturday night.  But first a few Kudos’ to the people who made it all possible.

Treasury Activities: Johnny McCharen was willing to keep our finances straight, provide the services of his office and the support of his wonderful secretary, Julie. He kept our checkbook and paid our bills and is acting as steward for the funds we have in reserve.  Donna Williams Finley will continue to serve as co-signatory on the account.

Friday Night: Sally Frye Bentley and Dee Ingram Harris ensured that our Friday Night Event started the reunion on a hugely upbeat note.  Sally and her husband Steve opened their hearts, their house and Steve’s bar to the class.  Dee and Sally Phillips Hood organized the decorations and the catered BBQ from Earl’s, which was complemented by a keg of cold beer provided by Harvey Harmon and Dan Murdock.

Name Tag Buttons:  Sally Morrison Stringer performed brilliantly in getting nametags with pictures from the Aquila for all 64 graduates and their guests.  Amazingly, several people still looked like the picture on their button.

Harding Logo Hats:

Carolyn Gilbert Hert virtually, single handedly organized and delivered on the Harding Logo Hats.  She also generously gave up her time both Friday and Saturday to help sell them.  The remaining hats will be sold to the Harding Alumni Association with the proceeds going into our Treasury.  

64 DVDs:

“Wipe Out,”  “Dedicated To The One I Love,” “Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love,” “Runaround Sue,” “Forever Young,” Can’t you just hear those great melodies?  Well imagine hearing these great songs and many more as the backup on a DVD of our Senior Year at Harding.  The DVD has literally hundreds of pictures from the Aquila, the Marionette and other sources along with actual film footage of our football team in action.  It’s great fun to watch and listen to, and the proceeds go to keep our class going.  So if you didn’t buy one at the Reunion or you weren’t there, now is your big chance.  We have a few left so if you want one, e-mail Dan Murdock at danm@okbar.org.  Include a check for $25 to cover the cost of the DVD and postage along with your mailing address.  Don’t miss this one cause when they’re gone they’re gone. 

Everyone owes a big “Thank You” to Harvey Harmon who jumped into the breach to burn, label and package all the DVDs.  At Harvey’s direction, we are going to retain the funds from his effort to help support the Class of 64 web site going forward. 

Calling Committee: When we started planning this reunion, we had only 60 classmates whose emails could be accessed.  Martha Campbell Keith, Ceci Allen Gosting, Ford Cashion, and John Scott worked tirelessly to assist Charles Jones in finding names, addresses and emails so that we now have contacts for 187 classmates.  The committee’s efforts were superbly   backstopped by the boundless energy of  Phil Kernan who at various points called, mailed, or emailed every person on our list.  Realizing this is a never-ending task, Charles has asked the committee to continue to help maintain contact with classmates via the occasional broadcast email and by responding to web site inquiries.  With any luck, we will never have to work as hard to find people again! 

Web Site: Charles Jones organized a Harding 64.org web site and registered our domain name.  Martha Campbell Keith, Sally Frye Bentley, Jan and Mike Hill, Charles Jones and Dan Murdock contributed out of their own pockets to get it going.  Harvey Harmon’s brilliant coup with the DVDs has raised enough cash to cover our costs for the next year; after that we’ll see about funding it with a small annual dues.

Perhaps our most important web site need is to recruit a committee to do two things: first, to keep alert to and document any future Fallen Eagles, and second, a committee to post updates, memorabilia, current events that are of interest to the class.  Like any web site, to be successful, we need programming content.  Dan Murdock, Ken Morgan, Colette Smith Schnieder, Barbara Chain Fowles, Melanie Sapper Young, Edy Hammrick Keeler, Donna Williams Finley, Linda Whitlow Dunn, and Linda Lee Carpenter have volunteered to help in this regard.  But the Web site belongs to all of us so if you have some great photos from back then or from today, go to the web site (www.harding64.org) and let us know using the “contact us” page.  We can do the posting if you will just take the first step to make contact.

Organizing Committee Chair: It was a truly wonderful reunion; lots of people put in lots of work.  However, it might not have happened without the unflagging patience and generosity of Linda Lee Carpenter in providing us with funds in a pinch, opening her home, and opening her husband’s liquor cabinet to the thirsty committee members. 

Saturday Golf Outing: Dan Murdock and Mike Hill organized a golf outing of interested 64 graduates along with members of the Class of 63. 

Saturday Lunch at Johnnies: Donna Williams Finley took charge of arranging for a private room at Johnnies.  We appreciate her efforts and fervently hope that Johnnies on Britton Road continues to prosper so that we can go back again and again.  Love those Rings!

Saturday Night’s Event: We owe a real debt to Linda Lee Carpenter and the team of Linda Whitlow Dunn and Donna Williams Finley for pulling off a fabulous Saturday night soiree.  Arranging for a public hall involves considerable advance planning, funding, and organizing.  Linda Dunn and Donna Finley were also responsible for organizing the table decorations and energizing a small task force of willing workers to spend a fun Saturday afternoon decorating the room in between bouts of helium filled hilarity.  Mary Susan Sisk Bond creatively executed larger than life images of our faculty and along with Donna Williams Finley, they both created a memorabilia wall.  Fannie Nelson Bolen created several life size images of our beloved Harding mascot.  Charles Jones printed up copies of the Marionette for party favors. Hopefully, we can preserve these artifacts at HCHS and use them again in the future.

Pictures From The Reunion-We are posting all the pictures we have as of the date of this newsletter.  The Class Memorabilia page has a index of the photo galleries.  But if you have some that you took and want to share them, go to the “Contact Us” page and email us that you have something to share.  If you just have one or two pictures, then include them on the email.  If you have a dozen or more, put them on a CD and mail them to us. 

  • Friday Night-Pictures are courtesy of Donna Williams Finley, Martha Campbell Keith, and Charles Jones.

  • Saturday Harding Charter High School Presentation-Pictures are courtesy of Donna Williams Finley and Charles Jones.  This was a great presentation by Phil Kernan. Johnny McCharen, and Tom Roach along with Janet Barresi, Governance Board Chairman, and Richard Caram, Principal of the new Independence Charter High School at Harding.  We urge all of you to go to the link to the HCHS page for the Harding Alumni Association to learn what this talented and dedicated group is doing to re-establish Harding as the premier college preparatory school in Oklahoma City.

  • Golf Outing-Picture courtesy of Mike Hill

  • Johnnies-Pictures courtesy of Donna Williams Finley and Charles Jones

  • Saturday Night-Pictures are courtesy of Martha Campbell Keith, Donna Williams Finley, and Charles Jones. 

  • Saturday Night Specials are from the disposable cameras that we placed on the tabletops.  What they lack in photographic composition, they more than make up for in spontaneity.  They really capture the fun spirit of that night.  So thank you whoever you are.

  • Pictures from the professional photographer who shot group photos of the Class as well as smaller composition shots of the various grade schools that funneled people to Harding are being posted.   These pictures can be ordered by going to their web site at http://www.okpartypix.com

If you want to read about all the events you missed, you can view the 40th reunion registration archive.




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